R&D - Software Engineering - Compilers

MLIR Software Compiler Developer

Toronto, Ontario
Work Type: Full Time



About us 

d-Matrix has fundamentally changed the physics of memory-compute integration with our digital in-memory compute (DIMC) engine. The “holy grail” of AI compute has been to break through the memory wall to minimize data movements. We’ve achieved this with a first-of-its-kind DIMC engine. Having secured over $154M, $110M in our Series B offering, d-Matrix is poised to advance Large Language Models to scale Generative inference acceleration with our chiplets and In-Memory compute approach. We are on track to deliver our first commercial product in early 2024. We are poised to meet the energy and performance demands of these Large Language Models. The company has 90+ employees across Silicon Valley, Toronto, Sydney and Bengaluru.

Why d-Matrix 

We want to build a company and a culture that sustains the tests of time. We offer the candidate a very unique opportunity to express themselves and become a future leader in an industry that will have a huge influence globally. We are striving to build a culture of transparency, inclusiveness and intellectual honesty while ensuring all our team members are always learning and having fun on the journey. We have built the industry’s first highly programmable in-memory computing architecture that applies to a broad class of applications from cloud to edge. The candidate will get to work on a path breaking architecture with a highly experienced team that knows what it takes to build a successful business.

The role: Compiler

As part of the Compiler team, you will be responsible for the implementing and testing of the core compiler stack. This includes understanding of standard ML compilation frameworks, intermediate representations, and compiler architecture. You will be working with LLVM/MLIR Compiler frameworks. 



• BS in Computer Science 
• Three years of experience working in compilers 
• Proficient in C/C++ and Python development. 


• Experience with LLVM • Experience with MLIR is a plus
• Proficient in C/C++ and Python development in Linux environment and using standard development tools 
• Strong grasp of computer architecture, data structures, system software, and machine learning fundamentals 
• Experience with a deep learning framework (such as PyTorch, Tensorflow) is a plus 
• Passionate about thriving in a fast-paced and dynamic startup culture

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